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Roof and Attic

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Not very straight mast...

Not smart way to run TV cable through main hydro entrance conduit - open for water penetration...


176_7635 188_8836

Do we need an Electrician here?



Very dangerous way to provide ground for electric system - booster cable acting as "grounding bridge"...


214_1483 101_9688

Not ideal place for light switches - need to be replaced to comply with "1 m" requirement



Dead mouse in the panel - reminder that "no holes allowed in metal box..."


115_1515 113_1324

Water in the panel - is not safe for home owner and it is all start from outside...


176_7620 128_2852

"Duct tape can fix everything..." - Very costly repair that most likely will require electrical mast replacement...


139_3915 138_3868

Two homes – same issue: main hydro entrance below grade now (not bother that it water entrance point to electrical panel) - will require new main hydro installation.


169_6989 174_7417

Active old switches – no question about “knob-and-tube” wiring in this house...




"Unusual" handle...

More home inspection horror involving plumbing deficiencies.


102_2078_s 101_3369_s
Frozen water in crawl space... Crack and water penetration on
block foundation
101_3607_s 102_2323_s
Mould in the basement behind
insulation after water leaks...
Horizontal crack on shifted concrete
block foundation wall...
After rain: sump pump is not functioning...

Roof and Attic


I am ready for "low-pitch roof" attic inspection...



It was worth it – some areas of soffits was blocked with insulation, more baffles required



For some roofs you do not need to go climb, just look carefully inside this Addition: “home made” roof trusses really ready to collapse under snow load any minutes


184_8446_s 110_1046_s

Not every day we can see squirrel nest / nests in the attic…


191_9135_s 105_0576_s
102_2348_s 102_2350_s

These plywood roofsheathing need repair ASAP...



..as well as snow (fromdamaged static roof vent)...



Unfortunately partially missing insulation is getting more and more "common" in newhomes...


139_3940 100_1861

Old skylight is always a "leaking point"... (plus they poorly insulated in the attic)...


134_3448 215_1523

This roof definitely has some ice build up in winter time...


138_3819 128_2892

1960th home - typical vermiculate in the attic..


125_2506 101_6368

"Creative" way of bathroom exhaust vent...


248_4844 248_4845

..and dryer exhaust...



This furnace chimney too close to roof shingles and fire ready to start...


121_2136 120_2096

Poor ventilation created frost in the attic...


115_1585 116_1603

Ponding water on flat roof................same area inside....


107_0721 107_0720

Vapour barrier on wrong side in the attic... condensation, mold and lot of water damage....


106_0678 101_0109

Sellers are very creative for "fixing" roof leak problem


101_9696 100_6685

Poor ventilation + blocked soffits = condensation = problem in winter time...


101_2167 IMG_4639

Dead animals and birds are part of damaged soffits and roof vents problem...


IMG_2225 IMG_2227

"...Sorry I forgot to tell you that we have chimney fire last winter..."


New Homes

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